Razer Phone 2 could land by the end of the year

The Razer Phone is almost a year old now and it looks like a new model will land soon, as Razer’s Global vice-president Chen Xiaoping has said as much.

More specifically, he spoke at ChinaJoy 2018 (a digital entertainment exhibition), revealing that the Razer Phone 2 could launch in China by the end of 2018, according to MyDrivers.

Chen added that the phone would use the latest Qualcomm chipset, which right now would presumably mean the Snapdragon 845 found in the likes of the Sony Xperia XZ2 and HTC U12 Plus, but if the phone doesn’t launch for a few months then it’s feasible that it could use the rumored Snapdragon 855.

Specs to game with

No other information about the Razer Phone 2 or its specs were given, but you can expect it to be a top-end handset built for gaming, probably with at least 8GB of RAM and a 120Hz QHD screen, since the original Razer Phone has those things.

As for exactly when this year we might see it, our best guess is in or around November, since the original Razer Phone launched in November 2017, though one leak has pointed to a September launch, possibly at IFA 2018 which takes place at the beginning of the month.

Of course, given that Chen only mentioned a China launch it’s possible that the rest of the world won’t get it then if at all, but we’d expect the phone would get a somewhat global launch.

Via PhoneArena

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