PS5 won't have a 1440p resolution setting, according to this report

(Image credit: Sony)

While the PS5 can output up to 8K and supports 4K games as standard, you apparently won't be able to output games at 1440p resolution according to a recent report. IGN – covering a story from its Italian counterpart – says this was confirmed by Sony Europe. 

This won't be a problem for most players, who'll likely be enjoying the console on 1080p or 4K TVs, but anyone who wanted to use the game with a 1440p monitor might be a little disappointed. Presumably the console will just output at 1080p if you plug it into a monitor. We'll find out when the console is released in North America on November 12.

The Xbox Series S, meanwhile, targets 1440p resolution with up to 120 frames per second. The Xbox Series X also has a 1440p setting, like the Xbox One X did.

Why you might want to play at 1440p

The question here is about flexibility – Microsoft offering 1440p makes more sense because it's synonymous with PCs, where customizing your setup is standard. Sony is used to selling consoles to people sat in front of their TVs, and many more PS5 owners are likely to buy 4K TVs instead of 1440p monitors in the next few years.

Still, we're only a week away from having all our questions about the PS5 answered. It launches on November 12 and November 19, depending on where you are – and on launch day, you'll only be able to buy a PS5 online rather than in physical stores, though you can use click and collect.  

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