PS5 is getting DVR support – but there’s a catch

PS5 internal storage concern
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Sony has announced that the PS5 will be getting DVR (digital video recorder) functionality this year. The catch? The add-on and app will only be made available in Japan.

As spotted by The Verge, the PS5 will work with Nasne brand DVR devices by way of an app called Torne, which has undergone something of a revamp since its debut in 2010. Torne was originally available as a TV tuner accessory for PS3 consoles and let users save shows and clips onto their PS3. They could also be transferred from the PS3 to both the PSP and PS Vita. 

The Sony Nasne, on the other hand, was discontinued in 2019, but manufacturer Buffalo has now picked up the slack with its own branded version of the Nasne DVR device. Buffalo’s version of the Nasne increases internal storage to 2TB and supports external storage devices of up to 6TB. The Buffalo Nasne will go on sale later this month for 29,800 yen (that’s around $270 / £200 / AU$350 if you’re looking to import). 

Sony, Xbox and DVR

There’s no word as of yet whether the Buffalo Nasne and the PS5 DVR update, for that matter, will be made available in the west. It’s a little baffling that Sony is keeping the functionality exclusive to Japan for now, but it’s possible that a limited supply of components is the culprit, as we’ve seen with the PS5 console itself. 

It’s an interesting move from Sony to expand the kinds of video files that can be exported and shared. Currently, both PlayStation and Xbox consoles allow the recording and sharing of clips from within games. Now, PS5 users in Japan could take a step towards using their console as an all-in-one device with this TV-centric DVR update.

Microsoft tried something similar with the ill-fated Xbox OneGuide, that is due to be phased out in a future update. Microsoft failed to fulfil its ‘all-in-one’ entertainment package promise for the Xbox One, and eventually phased out almost all the TV-focused functionality the console championed, such as having a HDMI in port for cable boxes.

If Sony can eventually make this DVR compatibility available on PS5 consoles worldwide, it could provide them with a unique selling point over its competition, but we’ll just have to see how well received the functionality is in Japan first.

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