PS5 games and accessories are going on sale early – but why?

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The PS5 console is set to launch in just a few weeks, but Sony appears to be putting various PS5 games and accessories – including the DualSense controller – on sale ahead of the console's release.

UK retailer Simply Games has claimed that various PS5 related goods are going to be available for release on November 12, which is a full week before the PS5 launches on November 19. This includes Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and the Demon's Souls remake.

Keep in mind that this is UK-specific, and that gamers in the US, Australia, Canada, Japan and South Korea will get the console on November 12 regardless.

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Simple Games has clarified in the comments that, in the case of bundle orders than include a PS5 console and a headset, game, or controller available in the week before, you'll probably just get the full package in one go when the console is ready:
"It's more likely we will send the whole lot together on the 19th".

What, why, how?

You might be wondering why PS5 games and accessories would be releasing before they're actually useful. There are a few reasons why this might be the case.

The sensible explanation is that people may want to make sure they have games and accessories ready to go for when their pre-ordered PS5 console actually arrives – while giving some leeway for console units that happen to arrive with players early.

It's worth noting that the Xbox Series X will be launching on November 10. While the PS5 launch isn't being brought ahead, Microsoft has something of a head start here, and bringing PS5-adjacent purchases forward may keep Sony's console in mind over the Xbox's opening weekend.

The outlandish explanation is that Sony is going to launch the PS5 a week earlier than expected, given November 12 is the release date in the US anyway. But we reckon that's too much to wish for.


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