Samsung Gear outed as Samsung's smartwatch moniker

Samsung's first smartwatch, as seen back in 2009
Samsung's first smartwatch, as seen back in 2009

Samsung has already announced that it is planning to release a smartwatch and now it seems the name of its wearable tech may have been revealed.

In a trademark filing – found by Phandroid – Samsung's wrist warmer has been named at the Samsung Gear and will act as a companion for your phone or tablet, communicating data between the devices.

Although the main filing didn't specifically mention a watch, the following keywords were found in subsequent filings: clocks, watchbands, wristwatches. You don't have to don Columbo's filthy raincoat to read between the lines on this one.

The description for the device also went on to explain that Samsung's trademark was for "watches that communicate data to personal digital assistants, smart phones, table PCs, PDA, and personal computers through internet websites and other computer and electronic communications networks; watchbands that communicate data to [the same aforementioned devices]."

iWatching, always watching

It was back in March that Samsung's VP of mobile confirmed to Bloomberg that the company was busy creating a smartwatch. The timing for this was interesting as it was just after strong rumours emerged that the much-talked-about Apple iWatch was in production.

Samsung has been tight-lipped since March about the existence of the Samsung Gear (if that is what it will eventually be called). Since then, Sony has announced its own smartwatch, the imaginatively titled, NFC-toting, Sony Smartwatch 2, and just this week the marker of Pebble revealed that its smartwatch has freed itself from the shackles of Kickstarter and you can now get the watch at Best Buy.

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