Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0: iPod rival looks classy

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 - looking good

Now this is interesting – Samsung has a brand-new device on its stands at Mobile World Congress 2011, something which wasn't talked about in its press conference.

It is called the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0 and could well be the best reason to ditch your iPod forever.

As its name gives away, the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0 is modelled on a Samsung Galaxy S range but is sans phone features.

5-inch screen

Instead what you have is a PMP that's powered by Android, a front-facing camera, HDMI port, microSD card slot and a 5-inch screen.

It's a secretive thing of beauty and TechRadar has already got a Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0 hands on in the offing, where we will be able to give you more details on the great-looking device.

That sound you can hear is the likes of Archos quaking in its boots.

Via Engadget