Two iWatches may show their different-sized faces next week

The iWatch might as well employ Time Lord science by now

The iPhone 6 might not be the only thing coming in two sizes this fall.

A new report by the Wall Street Journal says Apple's rumored iWatch wearable will come with two different-sized OLED screens.

In June we heard the iWatch might arrive with a rather large 2.5-inch screen, though other sizes (1.3-, 1.4- and 1.5-inches) were also kicked around. However, this is the first time we've heard of an OLED screen.

Apple has historically chosen its Retina screens over OLED screen technology as a fashion statement.

In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook has insulted OLED screens for their "awful" color saturation and accuracy. Now it seems the iPhone maker is embracing the screen tech for its battery-life prolonging prowess with its first wearable.

New-old tech

Even more interestingly sources in the know of Apple's plans also claim the iWatch could come with NFC to let users pair their wrist worn devices with smartphones and tablets easily.

What's more, adding NFC technology could be a key piece in Apple's purported plan to create a tap-to-pay system. Supposedly embedding these small electronic stamps into the Apple's wearable will let users pay for goods, gasoline, transportation and other services by simply waving their wrist near an NFC receiver.

The Journal reports credit cards attached to users' iTunes accounts will be tied to the NFC chip allowing them to pay for everything without having to take out their wallet.

It also appears Apple is adopting NFC for the iPhone 6, according to a patent spotted just days ago on August 28 and a host of rumored payment platform partners. Still, Apple will have a lot of catching up to do with the droves of NFC equipped Android Phones, as well as payment systems like Google Wallet.

Breaking the mold

As for when all of Apple's latest and greatest tech will be announced, The New York Times just dropped a hot report both the iPhone 6 and iWatch will be announced on Tuesday. But you already knew that, of course.

The report states Apple isn't just stopping with OLED and NFC for the iWatch. Apple will supposedly also incorporate a flexible display shielded by scratch resistant sapphire. Apparently the wearable will even include wireless charging.

In one last slightly related note, the Times' sources also claim the iPhone 6 will have a special one-handed mode. Supposedly, Apple has been tweaking its software interfaces to make it easier for users to still use this rumored larger iPhone with just one hand.

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