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Huawei CEO says its next smartwatch will look better than Samsung's Gear S

Samsung Gear S
Is the Samsung Gear S the most beautiful smartwatch around?

It seems HTC may actually be the only tech company that's not making smartwatches, with the latest news that Huawei is jumping on the wagon as well.

The Chinese tech company is currently developing an Android Wear smartwatch that will launch in 2015, Huawei CEO Richard Yu told Engadget during IFA 2014.

He didn't have much to share about the Huawei smartwatch, but he promised that it will be both "innovative and beautiful."

In fact, it will be "more beautiful" than the Samsung Gear S, Yu said.

Comparison clues

Why he called out the Gear S in particular is anyone's guess. Beauty must truly be in the eye of the beholder, but isn't the Moto 360 the better-looking option?

Maybe - and here's some speculation - he compared it to the Gear S specifically because the Huawei watch too will be a standalone device that can place calls without being tethered to a smartphone?

Regardless, that's all we know about the new Huawei smartwatch at this time.

The company has released one wearable already, a fitness-focused smartband called the Huawei Talkband B1 that doubles as a Bluetooth headset. Hopefully they have some better ideas for their next try.