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Poco had a strong year in India in 2020, helping it climb to the third spot in the online smartphone market (It doesn’t sell products offline). Today, it unveiled a new visual identity by changing the logo, mascot and tagline.

In January 2020, Poco India split from Xiaomi to operate as an independent brand with separate product, software and marketing teams. It does occasionally rely on devices from its former parent as a base for its products and customizes them further for the Indian market. 

The new identity seems to be limited to Poco India and not the company's global counterpart.

Commenting on the new unveiling, Anuj Sharma, Country Director, Poco India, said, “To commemorate Poco’s successful independent year, the entire objective of the brand refresh is to honour the community which is as different and unique as our smartphones in the market.”

First up is the new Poco logo, where the first ‘o’ is the face of the mascot. All of its elements have a bigger meaning. The halo on the head is supposed to represent a sense of goodness with a cause. The antennas are a reference to being naughty and spreading madness. The evil eyes contrast the halo while a triangular mouth connotes sharp wit.

Poco India will also move to a new “Made of Mad” tagline, imbibing the “madness and eccentricity” of the brand. All of the new graphics will be integrated into upcoming campaigns and messaging. Visual identity refreshes are not an alien concept in the tech space — many brands go through similar exercises to rejig their communications, better align with the target audience or garner attention and coverage.

The first product expected to adopt the new designs is the Poco X3 Pro. Launching in March, it will be the brand’s first mid-range smartphone in the Rs 25,000 segment. Its specifications and design are yet to be detailed, but leaks suggest that it will be a 4G device that will be similar to the Poco X3.


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