PlayStation Classic mini retro console drops to an all time low price of $24.99

Image Credit: 8Bitdo (Image credit: Sony)

The Sony PlayStation Classic, the Japanese company's answer to the NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini, never proved as popular as its Mario-packing rivals. But at its new all-time low price, ahead of Amazon Prime Day, it might finally be worth an impulse buy.

The pint-sized PlayStation is available at Amazon and BestBuy for a mere $24.99. That's considerably cheaper than its original asking price of $99.99, and even less again than its last major price cut that brought it down to $59.99.

It's put the retro console finally into impulse buy territory, and is well worth it for the price, even with its failings.

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Things to remember

So what went wrong with the Sony PlayStation Classic? A few key things made it hard to recommend next to the competition.

First of all, and crucially, its roster of games wasn't up to scratch compared to its Nintendo alternatives.

Though there's not a bad game in its 20 title collection, with stone cold classics like Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid included, it was also lacking some defining PlayStation games like Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Tomb Raider and Silent Hill.

The console also struggled with poor emulation performance, and a UI presentation that looked as if it has been knocked up in an afternoon. Put simply, it didn't feel like a premium package, despite its relatively high initial asking price.

But now it's not rocking a full price (or even half price) sticker price, it's incredibly easy to recommend. That's a lot of game for your buck there, and the neat little mini PlayStation design is cute too – especially if you can be bothered to hack it.

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