New Technicolor standard means no more 3D headaches

The latest news out of Tinseltown is that Technicolor is launching a new 3D certification program, to make sure that 3D movies are comfortable to watch.

Technicolor 3d standards set

Technicolor 3d standards set

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Technicolor has introduced a 3D Certification program aimed at both broadcasters and network service providers, so that any 3D material and content developed meets minimum quality requirements before being seen in the cinema or via your new 3D TV.

The service is currently being called Technicolor Certifi3D, and is a 3D analysis software tool developed by Technicolor.

Technicolor's new 3D analysis software can give a pixel count for objects that might seem to close or too far away from the viewer and thus cause headaches or discomfort.

No more 3D headaches

"Our 3D certification platform allows our stereo technicians to quickly and precisely diagnose many of the issues that create viewer fatigue and discomfort," said Pierre Routhier, Technicolor's VP for 3D product strategy and business development.

"Our goal in launching the Certifi3D program was to take a proactive approach in support of the industry to ensure a consistent and quality end consumer 3D experience in the home.

"If viewers get headaches and nausea it can impact their interest in 3D TV more than the issue of little content."

Technicolor will stringently check production quality in 3D TV and movie content, looking out in particular for sync issues and colour differences.

The company also plans to launch training programs to broadcasters and content creators to help them move to best practise 3D production methods.

Technicolor will soon roll out the new 3D certification program in London and Los Angeles.

Via Reuters

Adam Hartley