Sony launching 3D-ready Alpha cameras

Sony set to launch new range of 3D-ready Alpha cameras in partnership with NVidia 3D Vision

NVidia has announced that Sony's new Alpha series of compact cameras with interchangeable lenses will be compatible with its 3D image processing software.

Sony's new Alpha snappers follow Fujifilm's lead into the 3D arena for the amateur photographer, and will work in conjunction with with NVidia's 3D Vision Photo Viewer.

Amateur 3D photography

While much of the hype around 3D has, to date, centred on high-profile movies such as Avatar and games such as the forthcoming Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3, it is clear that the amateur photography scene is also going to be an exciting area of growth for the 3D camera and imaging devices and software markets.

NVidia unveiled the latest Sony 3D news at its Computex press conference in Taipei this week.

Any pics shot with one of Sony's new Alpha cameras will be able to be post-processed as 3D, using NVidia's tech.

Via Engadget