Leica X2 to be announced in May?

Leica X1

Rumours are circulating that Leica is about to announce an upgrade to its APS-C sensor compact camera, the X1, with an 18 million pixel Leica X2.

With its APS-C sensor and fixed-lens, the Leica X1 has proven popular with street photographers and those looking for a good back-up camera, however its premium price tag has naturally put some people off in favour of its competitors.

Costing around £1400, it's around twice as much as the very well received Fujifilm X100, which also features an APS-C sized sensor and fixed focal length lens.


Leica will surely be keen to distance itself from Fujifilm with a new release, with perhaps a greater resolution sensor being the device that sets it apart.

There have previously been suggestions that the X2 will feature the ability to change lenses, making it a more affordable brother of the M9 and competing directly with the Fuji X Pro1.

However, recently these rumours have died down, with predictions that Leica will unveil a new mirrorless system (in addition to the M series) at the upcoming Photokina show taking place in Germany in September.

May 10th is rumoured as a big day for Leica, with other predictions including a version of the M9 which can only shoot monochrome images.

Last year, Leica announced it was aiming for a greater share of the market, rising from its tiny 0.15% share up to 1%.

Stay tuned for more information as it emerges.

via LeicaRumors