Aurora HDR app gets major update

MacPhun Aurora

Macphun's popular Mac-only Aurora HDR (High-Dynamic Range) photo editing software is due for a major update. But, ahead of its official release next month, Macphun has taken the wraps of some major features that have made on their way to the 2017 edition.

Before we go any further though, for those that are not familiar with the technique, HDR photography combines several shots of the same scene at different exposures, both underexposing the scene to retain highlight detail, and overexposing to retain shadow detail.

Once these images have been shot, they can then be merged into a single striking image that carries much more dynamic range than a single shot. The strength of this effect is up to you (and how many bracketed shots you take), from more natural looking images to completely surreal images, and that quite frankly can look pretty ghastly.

20 new features

Merging your images into HDR beauties is just the tip of the iceberg as Macphun's new Aurora software will roll out with 20 new key features.

These include new batch processing, new tools (including a Polarise filter and Radial Masking tool), new visual presets created by pros and a reworked Tone Mapping and Bracket Merging that promises to deliver a more realistic HDR effect.

Aurora 2017 will be available for pre-order on September 14th priced $89, with current users of Aurora HDR Pro able to upgrade at a special pre-order price of $49.

Phil Hall

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