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Will the HTC One M9 release date be revealed at T-Mobile event?

HTC One M9

US HTC fans still don't know when the Taiwanese company's next flagship, the HTC One M9, will be released here, but that seems likely to change this week.

T-Mobile is having another "un-carrier" event on Wednesday, when it plans to "rewrite the rules of wireless again" with promises that "this one's a real piece of work," according to an announcement sent at the beginning of March.

How are these things related? How about HTC America President Jason Mackenzie tweeting Monday morning that "HTC has a BIG announcement for US customers on Wednesday"?

The hashtag he used? #HTCOneM9.

Oh snap

HTC isn't hosting an event of its own on Wednesday, and between that, the timing and the wording of T-Mobile's announcement - "this one," as in HTC One? - it seems HTC will share the stage with the uncarrier this week.

It's easy to speculate that the HTC One M9 will become available on T-Mobile the same day, and there's no reason to think that's not exactly what will occur.

If nothing else, it will make hump day suck a little bit less this week, and for that we'll be thanking T-Mobile and HTC, no matter what they announce.

Via Slashgear