This is officially how much the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will cost

This is officially how much the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will cost

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 pre-orders have flung their doors open to anyone in the UK who fancies getting their hands on the Korean firm's latest phablet masterpiece, but with great power comes great cost which will leave people pondering "can I actually afford this?"

You're looking at a SIM-free price of £699 for the brand new Note 7, or if you'd prefer a contract it can be had for on a number of tariffs with Carphone Warehouse touting a £59 up front, and £43 per month two year deal on Vodafone with 6GB of data.

The price isn't exactly a surprise. The Note series are always Samsung's most expensive handsets as they cram the latest tech into a large, premium form factor and the Note 7 is no different.

John McCann
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