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That annoying iPhone text bug is also breaking Twitter and Snapchat

Apple iPhone
The iPhone bug affects Snapchat and Twitter as well

The much-publicised bug that is causing iPhones to crash with just a text message has just got a lot worse, as it appears to also break Twitter and Snapchat.

The bug causes iPhones to crash when they receive text messages that contain certain Arabic, Marathi and Chinese characters, but as the Guardian has learned, the problem isn't confined to SMS messages.

Messages sent over Twitter that are booby trapped with the characters will cause an iPhone to crash if it has notifications turned on.

Snapped chat

Snapchat is also at risk, as a text chat that contains the characters will again crash the iPhone, and means the users cannot open the chat history with the person who sent the message without the iPhone crashing.

Apple has promised to fix the bug, but at the moment it has only provided a temporary fix, so be extra vigilant about unsolicited text messages, Snapchats and tweets that come your way.

It's also likely that other iOS apps (especially messaging ones) could be affected by the bug. Some people have already reported that WhatsApp is behaving in much the same way for them.