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T-Mobile's next 'Un-carrier' event will shake up Apple's iPhone 6 launch

T-Mobile un-carrier Shakira rock star
Maybe they can get Christina Aguilera this time

T-Mobile has announced that it's next "Un-carrier" event will take place September 10, just one day after Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6.

The carrier sent out invitations for the Un-carrier 7.0 announcement with the note that this one is "personal."

"We told you Un-carrier 7.0 was coming. We told you we won't stop. And this time, it's personal," TechRadar's invitation reads.

T-Mobile has been hosting these events to announce various surprising policy changes, and they've been well-received by consumers. But this one might be a little different.

Disrupt this

As usual we won't know what part of the wireless business model T-Mobile is shaking up this year until it happens, and it's hard to speculate when there are so many parts that need shaking up.

Interestingly this Un-carrier show will take place not in a theater or other large venue, but at a T-Mobile store in San Francisco.

The last Un-carrier event covered Un-carrier 5.0 and Un-carrier 6.0, a free iPhone 5S "test drive" period and its "Music Freedom" streaming services, respectively.

We're eager to see how T-Mobile's upcoming move will relate to the new iPhone's release, especially given that "it's personal" this time around.