The best Sprint phones available in February 2018

best sprint phone

The best Sprint phone may be a hard choice, even if Sprint has made picking a plan easier. A huge variety of Android phones are always vying for the top spot, and even Apple has different phones to pick from these days.

But, we've got your back. We already know what the best phones on the market are, and that makes it a lot easier to narrow in on which of Sprint's phones are the best picks for you.

We’ve gone through the phones Sprint has for sale, and selected the best in a number of categories. Whether you want the best phone or the best deal, you’ll find the best options here.

sprint phones

How TechRadar's finding the best Sprint phone for you

We’ve scoured the phones Sprint offers, analyzing just about every single one and balancing the value of what the phone offers with the price Sprint is charging. As with all of our reviews, we disregarded any potential personal preferences/biases for specific operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows.

In most cases, if not all, the phone will be available through an lease plan that lets you pay a reduced amount for the phone over the course of 18 months. To keep the phone, you'll be required to pay off the remaining balance of the retail price or Sprint will offer the option to trade in your phone and upgrade to a new one partway through the lease. We’ll include the monthly payments as well as the full cost of the phone so you know exactly what you’re in for when you buy one of these phones.

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How to choose the best Sprint phones for you

With Sprint’s leasing plan, you may be tempted to forget all about owning your phone. Since Sprint will allow you to upgrade most phones after 12 payments of the lease, you can keep getting new phones every year without ever paying full price for the phones

If you’re someone that likes to always have the latest phone, this leasing and upgrading option will probably be great for you, as you’ll often being paying only about half the price of the phone before you get to upgrade to a new one. However, if you like to get one phone and stick with it for a few years, know that you’ll eventually have to cover the full price of the phone before you get to say it’s truly yours. Until the full retail price is paid, it’s still a leased phone. On a positive note, when Sprint offers a discount on the lease, it is generally applied as a credit, so it will count toward the amount you've paid of the full retail price.

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The best Sprint phones for every budget

Best of the best: Samsung Galaxy S8

Check out all Samsung Galaxy S8 plans on Sprint starting from $8/month ($750 retail)

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the phone to beat in the smartphone arena. It offers top-notch performance and design at a normal flagship price. While the Note 8 and iPhone X are both impressive phones, they come at an unattractive premium. The Galaxy S8 from Sprint is an even more impressive offer right now since the lease is currently discounted to just $8 per month.

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Best Apple Phone: iPhone X

Check out all iPhone X plans on Sprint starting from $30/month ($999 retail)

Apple's best phone is the new iPhone X, which launched last November. It sports the same main internals of the iPhone 8, but it has a bezel-less OLED display that takes the iPhone's design in a new direction. With Sprint's 18-month Flex lease and a discount available right now, the iPhone X is only $30 a month with the option to upgrade after 12 monthly payments. Usually the phone is $41.67 per month.

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Best Android phone: Google Pixel 2

Check out the Pixel 2 from Google starting from $27.04/month ($649 retail) 

We wouldn't make you read about the Galaxy S8 twice in the same list. So, the next best Android phone is the Google Pixel 2. It has a simple but refined design, includes great stereo speakers above and below the display and it has one of the best smartphone cameras ever. It's not sold directly by Sprint, but can be used on Sprint's network. Since this is an unlocked model, it can be used on other carriers as well if you ever feel like switching. So, if Samsung isn't your style, then Sprint's best Android phone is definitely the Google Pixel 2.

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Best value phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Check out all Galaxy Note 8 plans on Sprint starting from $18/month ($960 retail)

Why is this incredibly expensive phone ranked as the best value from Sprint? The answer lies in the huge discount Sprint is offering on its lease right now. The Galaxy Note 8 is impressive in every way, from its design to its performance, and its $960 price tag is normally impressive, too. Sprint's usual lease for the Note 8 is $40 per month, but right now that's discounted all the way to just $18 a month. In other words, you'll be getting a lot more phone than you'll be paying for. This lease also includes the option to upgrade to a new phone after 12 months.

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Best cheap phone: Motorola Moto E4

Check out all Motorola Moto E4 plans on Sprint starting from $0/month ($145 retail)

Motorola knows how to make an incredible budget phone that doesn’t always feel like it should be as cheap as it is. The Moto E4 has a sleek design, and it’s internal should offer smooth performance for most light mobile users. It packs a large battery and even is resistant to a little water. Considering all that, it's only made more attractive by the free lease Sprint is offering right now. When it comes to cheap, you can't beat free.

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Now find the best Sprint plan

Once you've found the perfect Sprint phone for you, you'll want to make sure you have a great mobile plan to run it on. But don't worry, we've got you covered on that front as well. Check out our guide to the best Sprint plans so you can be sure you're getting a great deal on great service.