Samsung going flexible is a real reason to get excited

Quick! Bale out!

Remember the time TechRadar parodied American Psycho? No? Well luckily we've got the video right here for you. The smartphones featured in the 2012 video may have dated a little now but the Oscar worthy acting sure hasn't.

Scary press shot of the week

Selfie stick

Earlier this week I stared directly into the fiery gates of hell. The selfie stick, a sort of branding iron for teenagers and narcissists, was finally extended for use with iPads.

As you can see here, this Ian Bogost look-a-like is the epitome of cool. Trilby hat, an ironed white shirt, long luscious locks, a well trimmed beard and even a little bracelet to show how individual and cool he is.

If the emergence of the selfie stick is the first sign of the apocalypse don't be surprised if you'll be using this new, strengthened, version to bat away the walking dead within a few weeks.

Retro video of the week

Wes Anderson and Brad Pitt together is many a film enthusiasts dream combination – yet sadly the two have already collaborated and it certainly isn't The Royal Tenenbaums 2.

Using Anderson's house style in the one-shot video, this advert for Japanese network SoftBank premiered in 2008 and features Pitt dressed all in yellow taking photos of naked girls in a French seaside town.

What isn't entirely clear is why the network chose this specific advert. Pitt is using his mobile at the start and then get its out again to take a photo of the naked girl…not exactly the best message to send to your customers.

Proper bits from the site

Our reviews of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge went live - we even voted one of them the best phone in the world right now.

WhatsApp jumped into the world of phone calls – here's why we think it's some real bad news for mobile phone networks.

Microsoft also announced its latest tablet, the Surface 3, the thinnest and lightest from the company so far.

While a big hint was dropped about the LG G4, could it come in the next couple of weeks?

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