Samsung Galaxy F range could usurp Galaxy S4 and co.

Samsung Galaxy F range could usurp Galaxy S4 and co.
Because the S4 just isn't expensive enough

Not content with it's top-end Galaxy S products it looks like Samsung might be working on an even more premium range of devices, supposedly set to carry the "Galaxy F" prefix.

According to ETNews, dubious "industry sources" have spilled the beans on Samsung's plans, claiming the Korean firm is lining up its first super-premium smartphone for a March 2014 launch.

They suggest Samsung doesn't think two flagship products a year is enough to keep up with industry change, although we're inclined to disagree - especially as most people will hold onto a top-end handset for a couple of years now.

More class, more money

Handsets such as the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 have been criticised by some for their plastic cases which make these highly expensive phones feel a little cheap, but the F-series is said to sport a full metal body, bringing them inline with the HTC One and iPhone 5S.

The sources claim the first Galaxy F device will rock up with the firm's Exynos octa-core processor (that's two quad-core chips) and a 16MP camera.

There's no word on the screen size, resolution or price for this rumoured smartphone, but considering the Galaxy Note 3 is pushing £600 (around $950, AU$1,000) SIM-free, it's probably going to sport an eye watering price tag - if it actually exists of course.

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