Periscope's latest hire will sheriff its streaming Wild West

Periscope's latest hire will sheriff its streaming Wild West

Periscope, the Twitter-owned livestreaming app, snagged a new team member with a title not common at a video company.

Evan Hansen, former writer for Medium and past editor for Wired, announced today that he is joining Periscope's squad as not an engineer, videographer, or streaming host - but as its editor-in-chief.

While the title is usually used at outlets that put out writing, Hansen's new position still requires a critical eye and nose for news. As explained by CNN Money, the title of Periscope's EIC involves "curating [the] best feeds to start" and "surfacing the most interesting content" to those who would most likely find it interesting.

What does this mean for Periscope and its users? Well, for one, Hansen will help differentiate some of the wheat from the chaff - highlighting quality streams to make each visit to the app worthwhile.

Secondly, newcomers will get a better taste of what Periscope offers by highlighting "must-see" streams for those who are new to live video - or are looking for examples of how it's done right when they take to the streaming game themselves.

Content curation isn't Periscope's only recent addition. The company also added sketching features and the ability to view streams directly inside Twitter to make the service more appealing - not to mention able to compete with potential threats like Facebook's newly-announced Live Video and YouTube Connect.

Parker Wilhelm
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