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New Apple iPhone 3.0 detail is leaked

Application overload?
Application overload?

The iPhone 3.0 firmware upgrade will bring with it a key change to the handset's 'Springboard' home screen, with a major increase in the number of applications users can have at any time.

Previously the number of applications or links was limited to eight screens' worth, but that will be upped to 11 in the next iteration of the iPhone.

The news was revealed by Ars Technica, crediting a blogger for revealing the change – which will bring a maximum number of 180 applications to the iPhone.

Not enough?

The change will be welcomed by many iPhone users who find themselves struggling to pick which 148 applications they can currently have. Seriously.

Of course, if Apple were really looking to be cool about the Springboard interface they would have allowed for the user to place screens above and below the main screen as well as to the sides as is currently the case.

Apple's 3.0 software is scheduled to arrive in the summer, with many speculating that it will also mark the arrival of a new version of the popular iPhone.