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Motorola Dext on UK sale from 7 October

Motorola's Dext ready for launch on 6 October
Motorola's Dext ready for launch on 6 October

Orange has announced the UK release date for the Motorola Dext, and it's a lot sooner than some might think.

The phone will be in Orange outlets from 7 October, and will be available from Phones4U shops the next day.

Those cool kids that just can't wait to get their hands on the latest Android phone will be pleased to know they can get things a little earlier if they're willing to queue up for the 3PM opening of the Milton Keynes store on 6 October especially to release Orange's second Android device.

Orange is touting the phone on a £35 per month contract for a two-year term, and while you get the phone for free, it's still very steep.

Rumours that the Motorola Dext would only cost €150 (£137) seem to be wide of the mark, as that would be a big difference between the PAYG price and the contract offer.

It will be interesting to see how many people turn up to buy this phone early. The initial wave of excitement over Google's Android is well and truly over, and the Dext doesn't command the level of excitement the iPhone does, especially not in the UK.

Of course you could just head over to the Orange website and order from the comfort of your own armchair.