LG Z1 to join Samsung in flexible smartphone screen arena?

LG Z1 to join Samsung in flexible smartphone screen arena?
LG prepping to go flexible

Picture this. It's the 1960's and both the US and USSR and aiming to the skies, both determined to be the first nation to put a man on the moon. Now imagine the modern equivalent.

Okay, so it's no mission to Mars, or even the Moon, but in the latest bout of tech races, South Korean giants LG and Samsung face off in the race to be the first to produced a curved phone.

We reported last week on Samsung's planned unveiling of a curved device, so the news that one of its closest competitors is right behind it should be no surprise.

Not the Sony Z

Details were leaked to ZD Net suggesting that LG's curved device will come sporting a Z based name, with both the LG Z and LG Z1 names both being touted. We're hoping this doesn't lead to more pointless court cases.

Whilst ZD Net talks of a concave display, flexi-phone displays don't necessarily mean flexi-phones with internal parts needing to bend with the display. Fixed curved devices, and phones with screens that bend around with the chassis are far more likely.

Either way, we're excited to see what the next breed of smartphones can bring, as both the LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are more than pretty decent, 4.5 star devices.

Via UnwiredView