LG to release flexible OLED phone this year

LG to release flexible OLED phone this year
Flexible smartphones - they're on their way

If all goes according to plan, LG has announced that it will launch a flexible OLED smartphone before 2013 is out.

We'd already heard that LG was preparing to release its curved OLED televisions later this year - as well as providing flexible panels for other smartphones - but the Wall Street Journal now reports that the company will actually be putting out a flexiphone of its own.

The OLED panel will be LG Display's very own, according to LG mobile VP Yoon Bu-hyun, despite the company previously dismissing the the idea of using OLED technology in its phones.


A Q4 2013 release is currently on the cards for the device. However it's currently unclear as to how flexible the phone might be.

It might want to think about hurrying up though. Samsung has already given us a peek at Youm, its own vision of a flexible OLED future, at CES this year.

If nothing gets in the way - mainly supply issues - we fully expect 2014 to be the year that flexible phone technology takes off.

Via Slashgear