LG set for iPhone-alike touchscreen mobile

LG is lining up an iPhone-like touchscreen mobile based on its Prada Phone released earlier this year - but with a 5-megapixel camera and 3G onboard.

According to reports, the LG KU990 will feature a 3inch touchscreen display and have 3G with HSDPA high-speed data capability onboard. Headlining the features will be a 5-megapixel camera. And the device is said to have an embedded YouTube feature allowing easy uploading of video clips. Last week LG announced a deal with YouTube to develop handsets supporting YouTube functionality.

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The LG KU990 is reported to have an integrated MP3 player, MicroSD card support and an onboard FM radio. Some reports suggest a 120 frames per second video recording facility on the device. A video of what appears to be the LG KU990 in action can be viewed at Clipset.net .

A spokesperson for LG was unable to confirm the LG KU990 reports to Tech.co.uk. However, in a recent i nterview around the Prada Phone launch, another LG spokesperson confirmed to Tech.co.uk that LG was looking at using the touchscreen technology implemented on the Prada Phone for other LG-branded products.