LG piques our curiosity with word of May 1 press event

LG Optimus G Pro
Looking for media love in New York City

Got any May Day plans? LG does.

The company has sent out save the date invites to a shindig in New York City scheduled for May 1. Ah, the Big Apple in spring. Is there anything better?

The invite is light on details, asking attendees only to "Share the Genius" and "Capture the Spotlight in True Brilliance."

A microphone and literal spotlights decorate it, which may simply be symbolic but could also forewarn a Samsung-inspired extravaganza, albeit one that features pop star talent and not hired Broadway hands, but who knows.

What will we see?

The last time LG had an event billed this big was last September when the company announced the Optimus G.

While there's always a chance LG might whip out the G's follow-up, the turnaround time seems a little fast to us.

Same goes for the Nexus 5. It's predecessor, the Nexus 4, was only announced in late October 2012, meaning a new version is likely in the works though not quite ready for prime time. What's more, we expect word of the Nexus 5 to come at Google I/O, a more appropriate venue for a phone that Google's really at the helm of.

One phone that's garned some attention lately, especially in the U.S., is the Optimus G Pro, which is already available in a few international iterations.

On a scale of one to 10, an announcement about the phone's stateside availability (or a country-specific variant) ranks at about an 8 in possibility, particularly after LG confirmed the Pro would land in North American during the second quarter back in February.

The phone has a knock-out screen - perfect for putting pics in the spotlight - plus a nice 13MP rear camera and 2.1MP front-facer. Share, capture, brilliance - the G Pro has it all.

We won't know all until May 1, but rest assured TechRadar will bring you all the latest and the handiest hands on review.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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