LG G4 release: how to get LG's new leather-clad flagship phone

LG G4 leather

LG finally announced its newest flagship, the LG G4, at dual events in New York and London.

But what do you care where it was announced? What you really want to know is where you can actually get the LG G4 for yourself.

Luckily availability for the new LG flagship is wide, and we have all the info for US residents looking to pick one up.


The "un-carrier" was quick to send out a press release after LG's G4 announcement event.

T-Mobile said it will launch the G4 "this spring," but more importantly the carrier is also launching a sweepstakes that will let users get their hands on it early.

Customers can sign up on t-mobile.com for a chance to win the phone early. The carrier is giving away one a day until May 25.

In addition T-Mobile is the only US carrier selling the brown leather-backed version, according to its announcement, as well as the metallic gray version.


Sprint highlighted the LG G4's impressive camera in its own announcement, which like T-Mobile's was light on actual release details.

Sprint was slightly more specific, though: it hopes to launch the LG G4 in June, with more details on release date and pricing "in the coming weeks."

The carrier will sell the G4 in metallic gray and black leather.


In typical Verizon style, the carrier posted just a short tweet after LG's G4 announcement.

"#LGG4 with Advanced Calling for HD Voice and Video is coming soon to Verizon Wireless," it says, revealing little.

At least they included a fancy GIF showing various color options. You can sign up for alerts from Verizon regarding the LG G4 here.

US Cellular

US Cellular made no formal announcements regarding the LG G4, but the company did let TechRadar know that it will get its version of the handset out to customers in June.

AT&T and beyond

We haven't heard official word from AT&T yet, but we've reached out to the other biggest US carrier and we'll update this article when we hear back.

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