iPhone users 'have more sex' than Android users

OKCupid's smartphone sex study shows iPhone users get it more often

Apple iPhone users are said to get more sex than Android and Blackberry users, according to a recent survey.

The news comes directly from research carried out on behalf of dating site OKCupid.com, with women iPhone users getting more action than the men.

Bonkers bonking survey

That's right, female iPhone users get around twice the amount of sex as both women and men with Android phones, according to OKCupid's data.

The survey was based on feedback from 10,000 smartphone users, with the results posted on the OKCupid blog.

OKCupid looked at 30-year-old female iPhone users, who, on average have had just over 12 sexual partners compared with 10 for their male counterparts.

The equivalent data for a 30-year old Android toting user was six partners, for both men and women.

The survey data also showed that the iPhone's camera was one of three cameraphones that didn't make people look much less attractive in their online photos, although OKCupid does recommend you use a decent SLR to get the best results on its dating site.

Via OKCupid