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iPhone 5 to come in 'standard' and 'pro' flavours?

iPhone 5 - is Apple expecting twins?
iPhone 5 - is Apple expecting twins?

Apple could be set to offer a double whammy of smartphone goodness this year, with news that the Cupertino massive is to launch two versions of the iPhone 5.

The iPhone Download Blog is reporting that the new iPhone will come in two variations: standard and pro.

Now the iPhone Download Blog isn't the first to send rumour and speculation skipping off hand in hand in Apple land, but it seems that this specific piece of information came from an insider who believes that Apple is stocking up on phone components of differing quality.

iPhone duo

The components being ordered won't fit into one iPhone so it is thought that consumers may be able to buy either a budget iPhone or one which has better components inside.

Alternatively, the differing components could be used in the new iPod touch that Apple is rumoured to be working on - which fits better than a complete strategy change from Jobs' lot.

It is still thought that the iPhone launch will miss its annual June release in favour of a release sometime in September – a date usually kept for the launch of new iPods.

Via Phones Review