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'Too much TV' making Brit kids thick

Kids need to spend more time reading books, not watching TV

Our kids' obsession with TV, mobile phones and video games is responsible for a huge fall in UK literacy levels, a survey has found.

The 2006 Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (Pirls) shows England falling from third to 15th place, while Scotland also fell seven places from 14th to 21st. This out of a total of 40 countries worldwide.

"Most of them have their own TVs and mobiles, and 37% of our 10-year-olds are playing computer games for three hours or more a day - more than in most countries in the study," Government children, schools and education secretary Ed Balls said.

Ed Balls told the BBC that the results of the study should kick-start a debate about the value of reading in this country.

But only if it doesn't interrupt our Wii time, OK?