If these headphones are real, Apple actually could be massively changing the iPhone

iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S

Anyone keeping up to date on their iPhone rumors will know there's a possibility of the headphone jack disappearing on the iPhone 7 - and these leaked Beats headphones have just added weight to that theory.

The Lightning port at the bottom of the iPhone has been able to chuck out audio since launch and it looks like that's going to be Apple's main way to get sound into the ears of those that don't want to fork out for wireless Bluetooth headphones.

The photo, found on Chinese social networking site Weibo, has shown a pair of Apple earpods - similar to the ones you get in the box with an Apple device - that would connect to the Lightning port on your phone or tablet.

Apple Lightning

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It's thought Apple may also redesign the connections on future Beats headphones so they only work with the Lightning port, rather than with a 3.5mm connection, to encourage users to switch to the new standard.

It's also possible that the headphone jack will continue, but Apple will start to push users to listen to their tunes using the Lightning port - which these headphones would help to do


Rumor is that Apple wants to lose the outdated headphone technology to make the device slimmer than ever before. Right now, that's not possible with the thickness of the headphone jack.

Apple fans have been angry at the idea of the headphone jack being dropped as it makes past headphone technology irrelevant - there was even a preemptive petition to try and stop the brand making the move.

For those who want to use older technology, it may be that Apple introduces a 3.5mm jack to lightning port adapter to allow you to use your current speakers or headphones.

We don't know the exact source of this photo yet either, so it may turn out to be a very elaborate fake. But if the rumors of Apple dropping the technology is true, it would make sense for changes to the earbuds to take place.

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