First Chinese Lightning cable and dock available

Lightning Connector
A Chinese company managed to crack the code to copying this accessory

That didn't take long. The first Chinese company has reportedly cloned the iPhone 5's Lightning cable, despite the fact that Apple embedded a tricky authentication chip.

It took less than a month after the phone's Sept. 12 announcement to come up with a working, chip-included cable option.

Of course, while this knock-off Lightning cable is available to order right now, it still comes from halfway around the world.

So it'll take somewhere between seven to 20 days for delivery.

Not cheaper, but a good sign nonetheless

The Lightning Cable from costs $19.90, meaning it really isn't any cheaper than Apple's official Lightning to USB cable.

However, it's a good sign for frugal consumers. Because the chip was replicated rather quickly, it shouldn't be long before the internet is flooded with similar 8-pin Lightning accessories.

It also opens the door for more interesting cables designs and docks. The retailer's website says that its version of the Lightning cable is illuminated.

"You can actually see the flow of current going into your iPhone 5," reads the website.

The website is selling a dock that allows the iPhone 5 to sit upright while syncing and charging. This accessory, also $19.90, is something Apple doesn't sell at any price.

Via Gizmodo,

Matt Swider