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Fatwa issued against Koran on phones

Phone user
Islam now warns against ringtones using passages from the Koran

Any adherents of Islam reading this who also happen to be mobile phone users had better check their ringtones PDQ, after it emerged they could be in violation of a fatwa.

A panel of Muslim clerics in India has issued the edict banning ringtones that feature verses from the Koran. Apparently, the 'aayat' verses are currently popular in some parts of the world.

Callus interruptus

The problem with using the holy texts is not merely the fact that they're on a phone; rather it's because they get interrupted when anyone answers an incoming call and that's akin to a sin, the panel says.

Moreover, the group also warned against taking a be-Koraned phone into a toilet, as that too is no place for the scriptures.