Expect an influx of Ubuntu phones in 2014

Expect an influx of Ubuntu phones in 2014
Year of the Ubuntu

The Ubuntu Phone is far from dead. In fact, we've been promised that we can still expect to see the Linux OS go big in our smartphones in 2014

Despite missing the funding goal to get its own handset out on the market, Canonical has kept busy to get manufacturers to build their own Ubuntu OS smartphones.

And speaking in a Google Hangout, Canonical community manager Juno Bacon confirmed that all signs are good.

"I'm confident that in 2014 you're going to see a number of Ubuntu phones hitting the market," he said. "I can't tell you [who it will be] right now but I can tell you that some awesome things are happening."

One OS to rule them all

Bacon also implied that we'll see some devices made exclusively for certain regions and carriers as well as some that will be sold unlocked online.

That's as concrete as Canonical is being right now, but it sounds like we can expect to see Ubuntu popping up all over the shop in the coming months.