Comcast is gearing up to take on Project Fi and others in 2017


Next year, the list of major players in the US mobile carrier space is getting a little bigger.

Comcast, the largest telecommunications company in the world, will introduce its own network in 2017 and act as an mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) with Verizon Wireless' service working as the backbone to the service.

Like Google's Project Fi service, which launched in 2015 and now utilizes T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular's respective signal spread, Comcast's plan will take advantage of Verizon's wide coverage when you're out and about, but will rely heavily on Wi-Fi from Comcast's 14 million Xfinity hotspots found around the country.

Why would Comcast want to have a foot in this space? As The Verge points out, in addition to offering yet another non-committal option for mobile customers, it hopes to take some of the attention away from enticing offers made by other major mobile carriers and telecom providers, like AT&T's exclusive unlimited data plan for DirecTV customers.

No official launch date for the service or details regarding pricing and data plans have been announced yet, but expect it to be competitive with current MVNO offerings.