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Carphone Warehouse offers cut-price iPhone 3GS upgrades

The Carphone Warehouse softens the iBlow
The Carphone Warehouse softens the iBlow

The Carphone Warehouse is offering cut price upgrades to the new iPhone 3GS by letting you trade in your old model.

The shop will let you trade in a first-gen iPhone 2G for £100, and if you've got a newer 3G effort you'll pick up even more cash.

However, while the 8GB version will garner you £170, if you shelled out for the larger 16GB version you'll only get a tenner more at £180.

O2 stick

After the new iPhone 3GS was launched at Apple's WWDC last week, O2 has come in for some stick over plans to make consumers pay up their contract to get the new phone.

Users would need to pay up to 18 months of their deal to get their hands on the new phone, which can cost up to £275, so the maximum cost would spiral well over £1,000 just to be among the first to have the new phone.

So while £180 might make things a little more palatable, you'll still be sorely out of pocket if you simply HAVE to have Apple's latest baby.

Via Recombu (on Twitter)