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ATIV Odyssey likely approved by FCC, moves closer to launch

ATIV Odyssey
The beginning of an epic tale?

All phones legally sold in the U.S. take a relatively similar journey - one that sends the handsets wading through the regulatory waters of the Federal Trade Commission (FCC).

A recently mentioned though hereto unseen phone may have just made the mandatory FCC furlough and passed, giving way to a new phone on the ever-expanding market.

The intrepid phone seems to be the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, a Windows Phone 8 device destined exclusively for Verizon.

Though not called by name, its model number - SCH-i930 - points to a WP8 connection, while its possession of CDMA and LTE frequencies are requirements to join Team Verizon.


The figure in the filing bears a Samsung Ativ S, while the model number looks to be the follow-up to the SCH-i920.

Better known as the Omnia II, the SCH-i920 was a 2009 Samsung phone that ran Windows Mobile 6.5 and carried by Verizon in the U.S. That was the last time this trio got together.

Microsoft brought up the Odyssey during its Oct. 29 Windows Phone 8 launch, revealing the Verizon-only phone would go on sale next month.

With a carrier secured and a probable regulatory stamp of approval, the Odyssey could be in for one smooth ride.

Via Engadget