AT&T semi-saves Samsung Galaxy S4's storage woes

Samsung Galaxy S4
'Can't we just have a drama-free launch?' - Samsung

Storage on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a hot button issue as of late, but today AT&T revealed it has a solution, albeit one you've got to pay extra to access.

Starting May 10, the company will carry a 32GB version of Samsung's flagship phone, priced at $249.99.

A two-year agreement is part of the package, and for that extra storage customers will pay $50 more than the charge for the 16GB version.

So far, AT&T is the only U.S. carrier to announce a 32GB flavor of the phone, something it did haphazardly last month when it was forced to clarify pricing for the models of the S4 it planned to carry.

S4 stops and starts

Over the weekend, a swelling of customer groans about the actual available storage on the 16GB S4 started to surface.

Complaints centered around a less-than-advertised amount of internal space: factory software reportedly leaves the device with less than 9GB of user-accessible memory (a 16GB user wrote in to Android Central that the usable space he/she had was 8.82GB).

In response, Samsung said users have the choice of upping their storage through a microSD card, which can add up to 64GB. The card is not included with the phone, however, and must be purchased separately.

Presumably the bumped-up version on AT&T will have less than 32GB of internal storage available thanks to the software, high-res display and the phone's other "more powerful features," space-suckers pointed out by Samsung itself, but a small consolation is that it's at least more than what's available with the standalone 16GB model.

All this comes after Sprint and T-Mobile had to slightly push back initial availability of the device, an issue Samsung said was caused by "overwhelming global demand" for the phone.

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With this latest storage woe bump, Samsung has to hope the S4's American release smooths itself out before long. Knock on wood.

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