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Adidas takes on Nike+ on iPhone with MiCoach

MiCoach from Adidas comes to the iPhone
MiCoach from Adidas comes to the iPhone

Adidas has announced it will be offering its MiCoach system as a free application for iPhone and BlackBerry users.

Using GPS, users will be able to track their progress in real time when out and about doing sporty-type things, with voice coaching too to help keep you going.

Users can pick specific conditioning programmes for their sport, such as Football, Tennis, Running and Basketball with six documented training plans for each of the sports.

Train to stop being fat

Users can create personalised conditioning programmes online to tailor to their own fitness level and goals and download the voices of sports stars to provide motivation as they train – if the thought of Andy Murray whining at you to run faster is a motivation tool for you.

The miCoach app syncs with, offering tailored programs and calendar, coaching and navigation options from the web and on your phone.

The application and online portal also gives you more information on your training, even down to things like shoe wear... so you know when to start checking for holes.

Available to download now from the Apple App Store and from 6 August from BlackBerry App World (although we've downloaded it already from there, so it may have gone live early).