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A stable Lollipop build for the OnePlus One arrives next month

OnePlus One
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Google's latest and greatest mobile OS is slowly making its way out to handsets around the world - the latest figures show it has yet to even claim a share of 0.1 percent - and OnePlus One owners are the next in line to receive an update.

In a chat with Android Central, Cyanogen founder Steve Kondik has said that a stable Lollipop version of CyanogenMod 12 will be arriving next month. Experimental builds are already available for more adventurous users to download, but the final release is now in sight.

If you've managed to get your hands on a OnePlus One - a TechRadar recommended handset thanks to its excellent performance and attractive price - then you'll soon be enjoying all the benefits Android 5.0 has to offer, with a CyanogenMod twist.

Cyanogen and OnePlus are currently involved in a spat over licensing issues in India, so it looks as though this could be the last CyanogenMod update that the manufacturer uses. OnePlus has already started work on an Android fork of its own, which is likely to be the one used when the OnePlus Two eventually sees the light of day.