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Vonage saves its services

Vonage's customers should be able to carry on using their Vonage phones thanks to a new deal

Vonage , the troubled internet phone company, has signed a deal with VoIP Inc to keep its services afloat.

Vonage's Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service was put in jeopardy last month when a court ruled the company had infringed a number of patents owned by US mobile giant Verizon . The court then ordered Vonage to stop using the technologies all together.

Teaming with VoIP Inc's VoiceOne subsidiary gives Vonage access to the technologies it needs to keep its services going, and to hold on to its estimated 2.2 million subscribers.

Perhaps tellingly, a press release issued on the VoIP Inc website details a partnership to "provide certain network services for a leading telecommunications company" - but makes no mention of Vonage.