Fast hackers crack open latest iPhone update

Latest iPhone update hacked already

We probably shouldn't be surprised, but we can at least say we're impressed by the speed with which a band of merry phone hackers have cracked open the latest iPhone firmware.

Apple's freshly minted iPhone 2.2 firmware has already been laid bare by the so-called DevTeam, making it an open book for jailbreakers keen on installing the applications they really want.

At your own risk

There are a few caveats and a bunch of warnings on the group's QuickPWN website – it won't work on newer iPod touch models, for one – but reports already say the whole thing should go without a hitch.

The hackers are so quick off the mark, by the time firmware 2.3 rolls out of Apple's hutch, we fully expect there to be a piping hot version of QuickPWN ready and waiting for it.