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A huge number of AT&T customers can now take their data into the next month

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Come with me, data!

AT&T is doing its best to compete in a world dominated by T-Mobile's many industry-changing announcements, and its latest move during CES 2015 is to bring back rollover plans.

The carrier announced today that all its Mobile Share Value plans, which it said make up the majority of its subscribers, now have access to rollover data at no extra charge.

The 50 million Mobile Share Value users on AT&T can hoard their data month to month no matter how large or small their data plans are, the carrier said.

These plans also let AT&T customers share data among multiple users, devices and lines.

Unfortunately AT&T's rollover data doesn't stack for multiple months; if you don't use your rollover data from the previous month, it will disappear at the end of the current one.

AT&T users can track their rollover data using the myAT&T app or online at the carrier's site.

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