Nubia's foldable smartphone-wearable hybrid is coming to MWC 2019

Image Credit: Nubia

Chinese manufacturer Nubia has been teasing its foldable phone announcement for MWC 2019 over the last few days, and the latest teaser has suggested it's ready to officially unveil its Nubia A smartwatch and phone hybrid.

Previously shown off in the prototype stage at IFA 2018, the Nubia A is somewhere between smartwatch and phone with a display that wraps around your entire wrist, connectivity for phone calls and internet as well as a camera.

The latest teaser sent out by the company includes the letter "A" and a curve that may represent the device.

Below is a video of the Nubia A, and while it may change in its final form it gives you a clear picture of what the company is trying to achieve. 

The prototype looked to be quite a gargantuan device to sit on your wrist, so it may be we see some improvements on the final product.

For example, the Nubia A prototype only had a 500mAh battery so we'll expect to see a few changes here for it to be ready to sell to the public.

Nubia's invite is for an event in Barcelona on Monday February 25, so you can expect us to go and try out the hybrid device over our week long coverage of the biggest show in mobile phone announcements.

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