Nokia is set to unveil its first-ever Smart TV in India on December 5

(Image credit: Flipkart)

Flipkart is finally announcing its new range of smart TVs that have been ‘Made in India,’ with Nokia branding and JBL audio on December 5.

A few months ago, Flipkart confirmed that it would be entering a strategic partnership with Nokia to make smart TVs for the Indian market. This was Nokia’s first foray into the television segment globally. Flipkart will handle the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of these Nokia branded TVs. These will also be a part of the Make in India initiative. Flipkart has a similar arrangement for Motorola TVs.

According to Flipkart’s consumer insights, audio quality and experience are the key pain points for consumers. To solve that, JBL has been brought on board to bring its expertise in the audio segment. It will also be JBL’s first partnership with a TV manufacturer. DTS TruSurround sound and Dolby Atmos will also be present. 

We are delighted that Flipkart, the leading e-commerce company in the country, will bring the first-ever Nokia branded Smart TVs to India. Today marks the start of an exciting new chapter for the Nokia brand in a new category. And where better to start than in India, where our brand has been trusted for quality, design and reliability. Flipkart’s understanding of the needs and behaviours of Indian consumers, and the power of its reach, will help it make Nokia branded Smart TVs accessible and affordable to many.

Vipul Mehrotra, Vice President, Nokia Br

The Nokia Smart TVs will launch in India on December 5. Considering that the launch is just a week away, we expect a few more details to be shared in the coming days. Nokia did tease a new product launch for the same date which many believed to be a new smartphone, but could very well be the new TVs.

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