New Samsung Galaxy S23 leak gives us a full look at its design

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus
The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus will soon be getting a successor (Image credit: Future)

The Samsung Galaxy S23 rumors and leaks are still coming, and today we've got some promotional images of the Galaxy S23 Plus and the Galaxy S23 Ultra that have hit the internet ahead of an expected February launch.

These images come courtesy of 91mobiles (via SamMobile), a source with a decent track record when it comes to the accuracy of its information. These pictures certainly look like they're authentic, though of course we can't consider them as official just yet.

Only a couple of days ago we heard about the 'signature' colors that these phones would come in, which are the colors that will be featured most heavily in promotional materials. Here we can actually see those shades: pink for the Plus and green for the Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S23 leaked images

Leaked promotional images for the Galaxy S23 series. (Image credit: 91mobiles)

More than phones

These promo images emphasize the growing ecosystem of Samsung products – the company is about much more than phones or course, and in these pictures we can see wireless earbuds and smartwatches from Samsung too.

The Samsung Galaxy Plus image shows how the design is going to be changing next year, with the same raised camera lenses as the Ultra (the standard model is expected to follow suit too). The Ultra phone itself isn't going to look hugely differently from the Galaxy S22 Ultra, however.

So when are we actually going to see these smartphones make an appearance? The latest information on that suggests that the launch date has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 1, so there's not that much longer to wait.

Analysis: another big year for Samsung

Samsung already sells a huge number of smartphones of course, but it's always keen to sell more – and the Galaxy S23 phones (the standard model, the Plus model, and the Ultra model) are going to be a crucial part of that mission in 2023.

Even though the company has handsets available at a whole range of price points, it's the S series devices that really set the standard. Bear in mind that these phones are going to be going up directly against the iPhone 15, which is expected in September.

Thanks to a fresh leak we also think that Google might be expanding its flagship Pixel line-up to three or even four models in the next few years, which is again going to give the Galaxy S devices more competition in what is already a busy market.

From what we've heard so far, it sounds as though the Galaxy S23 phones are going to have the performance and the camera upgrades to compete with the best phones of 2023 – although as you can see in the leaked images above, not much is likely to change in terms of the aesthetics of the handsets.

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