Netflix cancels GLOW after renewing it for season 4 – and fans are not happy

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Netflix has cancelled GLOW, its wrestling-based comedy-drama, after previously renewing it for a fourth and final season. Covid-19 is to blame, according to a report by Deadline, which suggests the show's large ensemble cast – combined with the headaches of making a series heavy on physical interaction – were among the factors that led to the decision. 

"We’ve made the difficult decision not to do a fourth season of GLOW due to COVID, which makes shooting this physically intimate show with its large ensemble cast especially challenging," a spokesperson said. GLOW season 4 was previously confirmed in August 2019.

Filming had actually started on season 4 of the show, with Deadline suggesting one episode had been completed before production was shut down in March. GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling – Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin were among its stars. 

Netflix has also cancelled the show Teenage Bounty Hunters after one season, according to Deadline – though no specific reason has emerged for that one. 

This isn't the first time the streamer has ended a series over the pandemic. The last shows to get swallowed up by it were I Am Not Okay With This and The Society

Fans are not happy 

As you'd expect, fans aren't particularly happy with Netflix's decision to reverse course on the show – as cancellations go, it's especially gutting when filming on the series had already resumed. "So melted about GLOW being was the spark that got me interested in wrestling and it was one of the best shows on Netflix without doubt," says a fan

"GLOW is one of my favorite Netflix shows, really funny, raw and heartwarming. Genuinely sad to see it go," adds another

It's very unusual for a show to get renewed for another season, begin filming that season then get cancelled afterwards. Obviously, these are unprecedented times – but it's particularly gutting if you were invested in the show and expected to get a proper ending.

GLOW was nominated for 10 Emmys after the release of its first season in 2018.

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