Mulan finally has a price on Disney Plus in the UK – and it's a nice surprise

Disney's Mulan
(Image credit: Disney)

Mulan will cost £19.99 to watch on Disney Plus when it releases on September 4 in the UK, it's finally been revealed. That price is a pleasant surprise, when you consider than US customers will be paying $29.99 for the same access. The live-action movie is skipping cinemas entirely, and is an exclusive to Disney Plus subscribers in the UK who want to pay the extra fee on top of their subscription.

You don't get to keep Mulan, as such, but it's not exactly a rental either. Instead, it's called Premier Access – this means that after you've paid for it, you can watch the film as long as you're subscribed to Disney Plus. As well as becoming available here on, TechRadar understands you can pay for Mulan access as an in-app purchase on some platforms, like Apple, Google and Roku.

You can watch it anywhere you get Disney Plus, which includes Sky Q. It'll be available in 4K with HDR, too, like a lot of the streaming service's existing movies. 

This follows a few weeks of confusion, where Disney's CEO Bob Chapek announced the movie was coming to Disney Plus for some territories like the US and New Zealand, but not specifically the UK. 

If you wanted to see Mulan on the big screen, you might be disappointed, but this is no doubt a welcome choice to anyone looking to avoid indoor locations with strangers this year. 

This is seemingly just a one-off

Disney has characterized Mulan's early release as a one-off – so movies like Black Widow, Soul and other Disney-owned titles will still hit the big screen. Still, it is a big moment in the world of streaming – both in terms of pricing structure and type of release.

It's what we've come to expect from this strange year, though, and Disney is taking advantage of the fact it has a direct line to consumers. Not every film studio does, beyond the traditional VOD model – and therefore not every big release can replicate this kind of distribution method as a reaction to the year's events.

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